JAL for Linux
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A high-level language for a number of Microchip PIC

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JAL for Linux Description

Editor: Jal is a high-level language for a number of Microchip PIC (16c84, 16f84, 12c508, 12c509, 16F877) and Ubicom SX (SX18 and SX28) microcontrollers. I created Jal because I did not like any of the low-cost (or free) languages for these chips and implementing a high level language looked like a nice project. Implementing an existing HLL seemed more difficult and less fun than creating my own, so I just started writing the compiler and the language evolved on with it

# Fixed documentation for '-include'
# Added '[no-]asm', '[no-]codfile', '[no-]log', '[no-]lst' '[no-]Hex'.
# IF expr THEN END IF caused the compiler to crash
# Software stack was not being calculated when -no-variable-reuse in effect.
# Directly accessing the 0th element (ch = buf[0]) of a pointer caused either an assertion failure or a segfault
# Fixed COD generation
# Added ID programming support with Pragma ID and PRAGMA IDDATA
# Added 'movlb 0' to the ISR preamble on 16 bit cores
# Fixed `db' & `dw' on 16 bit cores
# Fixed PC which was formerly 16 bits, but can be 32 bits on the 16 bit cores.
# Restructed the archive directory layout
# Converted the three major guides (jalv2, jalv2opt, jalv2pragma) to docbook format in the hopes that this will help me keep everything up to date.
# EEPROM data on the 16 bit cores started at location 0 ('cause the variable created was only 16 bits, whereas eeprom on the 16 bit cores starts higher than 0xffff).

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